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Edna Ramirez-Robles, Director


Kurt Rodriguez, Director of Investment Attraction


Mariana Escarzaga, Director of International Commerce

Fernanda Pardo, Jr. Consultant

Antonio Gutierrez, Trainee

Izmit Martinez, Trainee

Luis Corona, Trainee

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Our firm understands the value of highly specialized experts in the fields of international trade & investment.

Their participation in our tailored made solutions will be fundamental to provide internationally competitive results to our clients. Therefore we have gathered the best qualified professionals worldwide in the following areas.

International Trade

State-State dispute settlement

Alternative means of dispute settlement

Trade in goods

Trade in services

Intellectual property

Legal advice



Market research

Small business development




Investor-State dispute settlement

International investment law

Advice on: land law, corporate law, industrial roperty law, tax law, labour law, etc.

Establishment permits

Government incentives

National registry of foreign investment


Foreign Investment

If you would like to be part of our expert database for future projects, please send us your CV in the attached format to info@gobizglobal.com